The following outlines the services we offer to end users

About our service

We offer either a multi-tenant or a bespoke solution to casino operators.


Our multi-tenant solution is one where the system is pre-integrated into our game provider games.

When buying our general light package, you are free to offer any games that have been integrated into our system on a multi-tenant basis.

This is a low entry level opportunity for new casino operators who desire to start an online gambling business on a small budget.



Our bespoke solution is one where we integrate our system into a stand alone game environment dedicated to your casino brand. This gives you full back office access to the actual games.

This costs more in terms of setup and technical fees, however, it is still a lot cheaper than going direct, since you will be using our licensing, payments and relevant amortised business structures.

This is a medium entry level opportunity for new casino operators who have access to capital.


The small print:

  1. We do not take equity in your casino.
  2. You chose your revenue stream model.
  3. No costly exit clauses or time constraints.


  1. Rapid deployment of your brand.
  2. Save on corporate costs, licensing fees and complicated corporate structures.
  3. Minimal staff required.


Game providers are people who build games for to be distributed to our partners. .

Game providers are free to offer their games on a multi-tenant or a bespoke basis, we really do not mind. Multi-tenant styled games require pre-integration into our system and bespoke games can be integrated once contracts are signed with casino operators.

This is a great offering for you as a game provider since your success is based on your clients ability to get licensing for their business. If they are unable to fulfill this pre-requisite, either you lose a client or you send them to us.


The small print:

  1. Your games require RNG certification.
  2. Free Integration into our platform.


  1. Affordable, scalable and attractive cost structure for your customers.
  2. You earn your normal commission structure.
  3. We pay you additional agent commissions for referring customers to us.