We help you start your online casino business as a direct license, white label or turnkey casino.

We license your casino and help to certify your gambling game

GamblingTec is a company that specialises in gaming, web hosting and software development services. We provide, supply, develop, operate and market gaming services in different forms and our goal is to provide a one stop shop for all your online gaming needs.

We offer direct gambling licensing in both Malta and Curacao in addition to a Curacao based white label solution allowing you to run your casino business under our gambling license. We have built a turnkey white label casino platform through which we offer white label casinos.

If you are a game developer we can help you have your game certified. Once certified, it can offered to our licensing partners.

A GamblingTec casino is affordable and structured so that you can pick and choose a pricing model that suits your budget.

Licensing for casino operators

Casino operators are welcome to work with us in order to become licensed to offer gambling games to end users. We offer a direct licensing service as well as a white label licensing service. Your direct license will come from Malta or Curacao (depending on your budget) and a white label casino will operate under our Curacao license.

When it comes to software we can assist you with a number of vendors who offer great software for your casino. We work with banks, e-wallet providers and payment processors and can quickly introduce you to the relevant parties you will need to work with in order to get your offering off the ground.


Certification for game developers

One of our goals is to help game developers certify their casino games in order to offer them to our white label operators. We take you through the process of having your game certified and accepted for gaming by the Curacao gaming authority. Once accepted, it can legally be offered to licensed operators.

Game developers often certify their games with us and then choose to operate a white label or turnkey casino in order to offer their games under their own unique brand. This is a great way to get your game infront of a paying audience.


Company structures

When starting your casino it is important to have the right underlying company structure. We work with a number of service providers who can offer an affordable corporate structure for your business.



Feel free to get in touch: brendan [at] gamblingtec.com, brendanjnash, +44 7498 105896 or via our support desk.