Frequently asked questions.

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GamblingTec questions

Who is

Sunseven NV t/a is a Curacao based online gambling and investment company, formed in 2006.

The company has built a Gambling PaaS system (Platform as a service) through which it offers opportunities to gambling and online games companies in both the fiat and Bitcoin/Ethereum space.

Our unique selling point is our ability to aggregate costs and to offer individuals and start ups a cost effective path to market.

What does offer?

The company provides technical, administrative, hardware, software, design and development services to gambling companies either as a service or as an investment partner. Through its partners it offers Licensing and Legal services.

Why was the company formed?

The entrepreneurs behind the company noticed that the barrier to entry into the regulated gambling world was becoming onerous for small start up operations and decided to build a platform to help aggregate costs and provide a space where new operations and games can be incubated. This is a much needed service especially in the alternative currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and smart contract space where no regulatory framework at present exists. Our goal is to assist anyone with a game or casino concept and help them follow a simple and inexpensive path to success.

How does the PaaS work?

Our platform is integrated into games, payment solutions, licensing partners and casino businesses. A player will interact with our platform through one of our partner interfaces in order to access the games in our network. The idea is to incubate thousands of potential brands with very little integration lead time and expense.

Do you invest directly in casino operations outside of the PaaS?

Yes we do, however, in general our investment is limited to providing the core infrastructure that we have amortised as apposed to direct financial investments. In terms of game developers, if we like your game concept, we will consider financing the RNG and certification process.

Player questions

I played on X casino but note that I get email?

In some cases our games require ongoing feedback such as lottery results or bet reports and these emails are sent from our core systems.

How do I make a deposit into a casino?

Each casino has a login / account widget which is launched from In fact you can launch this widget from this website too... just hit the login button above.

What is the payment descriptor for payments?

Payment descriptor will either be, GTEC or Sunseven NV.

Casino operators

I want to setup a casino, how do I get going?

Please contact us via our support desk to discuss your needs.

Why do I need to host my casino with you?

This is a non-negotiable requirement as the quality of your hosting environment reflects on our brand. If there are any problems with customer websites we need to be able to resolve these issues in good time and without delay.

How are my customers linked to my casino?

Every casino we partner with has a unique identity, when a customer signs up through your brand they are permanently linked to you as your customer.

What will I earn?

Your earnings are determined by your commitment to monthly costs. A 50/50 split is free (please note that your hosting is a separate cost that you must bare). If you wish for a larger percentage of the business, you must contribute more to the costs (we use a basic formula which is fair).

How do I get paid?

Partners are paid via wire transfer and only one the minimum payout level has been reached.

Game developers

I have developed a game, I want to distribute it on your network

Before a game can be distributed on our network, it needs to pass certain regulatory requirements. For instance, if you use RNG you will require an RNG certificate before we will allow the game to be considered for our network.

I want exclusivity for my game genre!

We do not offer exclusivity to any game genre nor will we lock ourselves into restrictive contracts. By adding your game to our network, you have an opportunity to offer your clients a bespoke casino operation that costs pennies on the dollar. Every customer that you have had in the past who were unable to take on your game due to funding or regulatory or corporate issues and restrictions can now setup in a relatively short space of time using our platform and your game.

Do you offer plug and play deployment?

This is something we are working on. The idea is that a partner can purchase their hosting and use our system to deploy a basic template casino to their environment. We will create and design unique templates for each game provider that we work with and provide you with the tools to get your customers up and running quickly and easily.