All you need to know about our company

About our company

Sunseven NV is a Curacao based gambling and investment company.

Our USP is simply that we own a licensed gambling platform on top of which we build custom casino brands. This is useful to both game developers and operators looking to offer non-traditional gambling type games. It also means that you do not have to go through complicated licensing and compliance process in order to offer casino games to end users.

We have been around since 2006 and our goal is to create disruptive technologies in order to level the online gambling playing field.

Do you take equity in my casino?

No, we do not.

We do however own a % of the earnings which starts at 50% and drops to 10% (you buy commission back from us by committing to fixed monthly fees).

What does it cost?

Our costs can be found here:

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Can I move my business to you?

If you are running an online casino and are struggling with the cost burden, you are free to move your casino to us. You will immediately save monthly corporate fees, hosting costs, year end audting and other costs.

The benefit of moving to us is a significant cost reduction in operation costs.

Will my casino brand be licensed?

Your casino brand will be added to our gambling license and will be available in public records as being a licensed domain.

Can I move my business elsewhere?

You are free to move your business at any time and on condition your fees are all paid up.