License your casino and game from Curacao with a white label sublicense

Management consultants, we manage your casino for you

Managed Casino + sublicense

As management consultants, we offer a managed casino service where we operate our clients casinos under our license and corporate structure. Think of us as your casino management team in a box.

This is perfect for customers on a low budget and who have developed their own game which they wish to license.

Description Price
* Yearly gambling license fee Quote
Created your own game? Game application with regulator. Quote
Setup fees Quote
** Your revenue share 100%
Monthly management fee Quote
VPS Hosting From €350/m (vps hosting account)
Domain management From €20 per annam
Payment channel setup Quote (we apply for the channels you wish to use)
Additional payment channels Time based
Bankroll You are responsible for your bankroll.
RNG Certification If you have developed your own game and it uses a random number generator, you will require RNG certification for the game.

* The fee we charge is determined by the type of operation you wish to license and will vary accordingly.

** We may consider a revenue share in lieu of reduced rates.

The time frame to setup a casino under this arrangement should take approximately 6 - 8 weeks. You can view the application and compliance process at the bottom of this page.

Game packages

Name Description Cost
Lottery application Sell world lottery tickets to your customers. We provide a stand alone lottery application, plugged into payment solutions and our insurance agent ready to sell lottery tickets to end users. Quote
Poker application A poker application by Even Bet Gaming offering an opportunity to run a professional online poker business. Quote

Application and compliance process

The following is the process we follow in order to obtain your curacao sublicense. The time frame should be no more than 4 weeks, however, this will vary according to your ability to provide the required documentation.

Task Requirement
1. Sign agreement Will require your KYC information and a company to contract with. If you do not have a company we can contract in your personal name or we can assist you with a company formation.
2. Transfer domain to our domain management system All domains that fall under our license must be in our control, you can transfer your domain or register a new one here. Please note, we are a hosting company as well as a licensed casino and we manage client domains as a matter of course. You are free to move your domain away from us at any time, however, this will automatically be cause for your url to be removed from our license.
3. Game RNG Where applicable, should your game use a RNG (random number generator), RNG certification will be required. We can assist you with this.
4. Curacao sublicense application With contract and control over your domain name, we can now apply for your Curacao gambling sublicense.
5. VPS hosting By law, customer websites must be hosted in Curacao. In addition to co-location options, we offer affordable VPS servers which you can find here: here. Your casino will require certain terms and conditions in its footer which includes linking to your license, certain payment disclaimers, links to the Curacao license as well as links to
6. Payment channel applications With the contract in place, your domain under our control, your website under a sublicense and the appropriate terms and conditions on place, we can now apply for your various payment channels (if required) and go through the compliance process with the PSPs we work with.
7. You are ready to go live Once your payment channels are approved, you are ready to go live.


Feel free to get in touch: brendan [at], brendanjnash, +44 7498 105896 (WhatsApp) or via our support desk.