Affordable and fast solution to getting your casino brand up and running

Cheap turnkey solution for your casino

Turnkey platform for operators and game developers

The purpose of our turnkey platform is to offer casino operators an affordable opportunity to quickly and easily offer our vendor games on a B2C basis. In addition to this, we work with game developers who have created their own unique games and who desire to integrate them into a licensed platform, in order to offer them to our casino operators on a B2B basis.

There is a caveat to this business model in that game developers who wish to be operators of their own games, can license their games to our platform, and then apply to become a casino operator. This is by far the most affordable way to obtain a gambling license in order to operate your own casino games under a Curacao sub-license.

Description Price
VPS Hosting From €72.50/m (vps hosting account)
Gambling sub-license €5000 per annum
Fixed fee 50/50 FREE, €45 per 1% increment per month upto 90%
Setup and contract fees €650 once off

About our fixed fees: The purpose of offering fixed fees as a revenue share model is to afford start ups an opportunity to get a licensed casino up and running for pennies on the dollar. It is convenient since it is integrated into existing payment channels, all you need to do is setup your brand and start promoting your business.

Disclaimer: While our platform is plugged into payment solutions, each new casino brand must be approved before it can use our platform payment options which is in accordance with our agreement with MasterCard and Visa.


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