License your game for real money play

Once certified, your game can be offered to casino operators

Game RNG Certification

If you are a game developer looking to license your unique casino game, you have come to the right place.

We work with game developers and their unique casino game concepts and can assist with game rng certification (Random Number Generator). In order to legally offer games to casinos, all games must be approved by our master license holder. On approval, the game can legally be offered to our licensed casino operators.

Should a game developer wish to operate their own casino and offer their unique games to end users, they will need one of our licensing opportunities.

Service Description Price
Game RNG certification We arrange to have your game certified by one of our partners. Quote
Use our RNG module Develop your game using our certified RNG library and we will issue you with an RNG certificate to go with your game. This certificate will be required should you wish to offer your game under license to end users. Quote
License application If required, we will apply to have your certified game added to our Curacao license which will make it eligible to be offered via our GamblingTec affiliate platform to players. Quote

Note: Your game requires RNG certification to operate under our license and we are always available to discuss your RNG needs.


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