The following outlines the pricing of our services


When using us as your platform provider, we take care of payments and the underlying business logic required in order for you to offer a legal online casino.

General game offering

Our general offering is your most cost effective way of getting a casino business up and running. It comes with any game that has been integrated into our platform by our third party game providers. Imagine being able to offer fantastic games such as lottery, poker, blackjack, and a host of slot machines in one easy to afford package!

Your plan comes with a shared hosting account, GamblingTec licensing, managed customer support, co-mingled games and the most popular payment solutions on the planet.

With our general offering you are able to offer our games to your customers under your unique brand. Our general games are however "co-mingled" games meaning one game instance services multiple casino operators such as yourself and you will therefore not have back office access.

If you require back office access, you will need a custom solution and we will be glad to build one for you!

General Light


€0.00 setup fees

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  • Includes shared hosting plan
  • GamblingTec licensed
  • Managed customer support
  • Co-mingled games
  • NETeller, Skrill, Visa/MasterCard
  • * Flexible revenue share
  • ** €1000 rolling reserve
  • 2 week lead time


* Revenue share is based on a democratic model designed to suit your budget.
** Rolling reserve is held back from sales and not required as a deposit.

  1. You take care of marketing.
  2. You take care of your brand and integration into our API (we can help for a small fee).
  3. You earn a revenue share which is based on the gross gaming net, after expenses are deducted.
  4. Relevant administration charges are deducted according to the commission split.

Custom solutions

Want a stand alone business with full back office control? We can offer this to you. Get in touch!