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Buy an online casino

If you want to enter the exciting world of online gambling then look no further. GamblingTec is casino management and software company designed to help our clients start an online casino.

Traditional casino costs

Traditionally, running a casino is expensive and you can expect to pay up to €30,000 just to get your casino licensed. Fortunately, we have solutions to slash these prices to affordable amounts.

Available online casinos for sale

We have limited stock of online based casinos for sale. We have brands going for as little as €2000, all you need to do is sign the agreement and you are on your way to your own casino greatness!

Should you be interested in buying a casino, please get in touch.

Want to build your casino from scratch?

We have all the tools required to help you build your own online casino from the ground up. We manage licensing, corporate structure, payment solutions and software development.

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Feel free to get in touch: brendan [at], brendanjnash, +44 7498 105896 or via our support desk.